Tosside is situated on the Lancashire/North Yorkshire border – literally. The village is split with the eastern half being in North Yorkshire and the western half being in Lancashire. Until the local government reorganisation of 1974, Tosside was in Yorkshire.

Green Fox MonumentThe name Tosside is believed to be derived from Old Norse/Anglo-Saxon. It can be traced back to two old Scandinavian words – ‘Tod’ meaning fox and ‘Saetr’ meaning a high summer pasture. The name gradually changed to Toddsett, then Tossett and ultimately to Tosside. This fact is recognised to this day with the symbol of the fox being present on the top of the small water fountain at the centre of the village.


Tosside has a population of around 100 families scattered across a widespread area, living typically in upland farms and other remote dwellings.

The village itself comprises the Village Community Hall, St Bartholomew’s Church, The Dog and Partridge public house and a handful of privately owned houses.

The Tosside Community Hall provides a focal point for this active local community. The hall may be hired for special events and functions.

The village adjoins Gisburn Forest to the North and provides access to the forest via Bailey Lane. Gisburn Forest is the largest forest in Lancashire and is a location for mountain-biking, walking and horse-riding.

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